Personal Development


With over a decade’s practice and contribution to many new and existing programmes, I share personal development frameworks and tools available to assist you to achieve your inner most desires for your life. I help you to shift gears and take yourself to your next level of personal mastery within your current vocation and differing roles that you play in your life. Also assisting you to identify a new path, should you be seeking an alternate way, and transition between careers. Think of me as your guiding light and accountability partner in supporting you to build a life that you can be proud and present in living.


Mentorship and Coaching

I work closely with you to integrate holistic practices to add balance and build a rewarding life. We work together to define your next level and identify the steps that are needed to take you to that level of performance and living.

Working with the HealthPointe© Programme as a framework, I guide and assist you to achieve your weight objectives. Incorporating different forms of movement, we work together to shift your mindset around your self-image.



Influenced by my studies and practice over the past 12 years in Hatha, Kemetic, Vinyasa and Bikram yoga styles, I work with you in:

  • One-on-one private sessions to re-discover your body and yoga practice. I also offer pre and post natal yoga sessions.

  • Couples and small groups to guide you through the philosophy and physical practice.

  • Corporate groups to introduce a different level of awareness in the work place by integrating forms of meditation, breath and movement in group activities.

You are responsible for your reality.
Decide what you want of the world and go make it happen.
No clarity, no change, no goals, no growth.
— Brendon Burchard